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Mini Wine Bottles: Why You Should Go Small

Somedays, you want to sit back by the fire and finish a bottle of your favorite wine. And some days, you only want to enjoy a glass or two without leaving a trail of opened and partially drunk wine for a couple of days. In that case, then mini wine bottles options are what you need.

Why go for the mini bottles?

Mini wine bottles are the perfect serving size for all kinds of occasions. Be it a wine tasting night, or a wedding – these bottles are perfect for single servings. If you are planning to present the wine bottles to guests, then you can get mini champagne bottles from a wine brand. You can also get these bottles from a wine shop or wine supplier. On the other hand, if you wish to try your hand at DIY, then you can make your own mini wine bottles at home.

Wine goes well with everything. And even if you can’t get yourself a clean wine glass, your joy should not end there. With a mini wine bottle, you can drink straight out of the bottle. So, if you crave some sparkling, rose, or red wine, you can get them in small sizes. Besides, these special glasses of wine have a crisp finish.

Additionally, these small-sized wine bottles are easy to handle. You can store them in your already crowded fridge effortlessly. These single-serve wine bottles are big on taste, meaning you enjoy your white wine from the small bottle as much as you would the regular-sized bottle.

Who says you have to enjoy wine in a closed setting? These mini wine bottles are easy to carry around, meaning you can enjoy sparkling, red, white, or rose wine anywhere, anytime, and any day at your convenience.

Besides, these single-serve liquor bottles make for the best gifts. Besides, they can be given a personal touch for your special event.

Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Favors

Mini champagne bottles make the perfect gifts to present to guests on any occasion, especially at weddings. These miniaturewine bottles make solo enjoyment all the more fun, and you can get them from a wine brand or DIY.

The mini champagne bottles are small in size and are usually made of glass. They are usual wine bottles with the cork less or made of plastic. These bottles are made in the same way as the regular champagne bottles. The wine in the bottles is made of the same ingredients. The reason for making the mini champagne bottles is to make the packaging easy. The mini champagne bottles are easy to carry, hence, they are used for gifting.

Some brands make them better than others, and wedding guests appreciate this. So, if you want to issue mini wine bottle wedding favors, below are some brands to choose from:

Coastal ridge cabernet sauvignon- this Californian wine blends fruit and spice from plum Mary, black cherry, anise, and vanilla in a silky blend, packaged in a 187ml bottle, retailing at $50 for a mini wine bottles bulk purchase.

Cavit Lunetta Rose Prosecco- This Italian wine is perfect for couples who enjoy the good things in life. With the richness of manually harvested and fermented grapes, this pale salmon wine packs a fruity fragrance in the 187ml mini bottle. The mini wine bottles bulk purchase retails at $110 for 24 bottles.

Bianco Nero Pink Sparkling Bottle of Wine- Combines the taste of strawberry, cherry, violet, vanilla, and raspberry and combines Greece grapes fermented for at least one month. If you are keen on class, then this is the best wine bottle wedding favor to give. If not, a champagne bottle will do.

Domain Chandon Rose- This Italian brand blends pear apple and stone fruit to deliver creamy and seductive tastes. With a mesh of watermelon, strawberry, and red cherry, you can appease your sophisticated taste in one serving. And if want something special, you can opt for personalized labels.

La Marca Mini Prosecco- A wedding only gets better with some bubbles. Produced in Italy, the La Marca Prosecco mini beverage bottle deliver a delicious blend of green apple, lemon, peach, and honeysuckle blossoms in a 375ml glass bottle.

Barefoot Pinot Noir- Get a taste of full blended flavors with this Californian wine. With the medium bodies, 187ml glass bottles, you get a mix of dark cherry and wild raspberry, brown spice, and a silky smooth finish. The Pinor Noir is specifically made for wine lovers.

Where to buy your mini wine bottles

Mini wine bottles in bulk shopping can save you a lot of money. Besides, you can get insane discounts with larger purchases. Depending on the vendor, you can buy two, four, twelve, eighteen, or 24 glass bottles at once.

Some sellers go as far as offering 17% discounts when you buy in bulk. You can order in from Target, or Amazon, or directly from the refinery. Wile ordering your glass of wine, you can choose tp with custom labels.

Customized essence

If you feel like there is nothing suitable for you out there, you can go ahead and prepare custom mini wine bottle labels to gift your guests. This is simple. Just order empty mini wine bottles from Alibaba, Amazon, or where you shop, and customize your taste. These are particularly impressive if you’re planning to give them out as gifts to your friends and family and want to capture their unique tastes in every miniature bottle of wine you provide.

Final Note

Whether you are planning a luxurious day or a fun day out, and don’t want to be bothered by half-drunk bottles of wine, then mini wine bottles are ideal for you. Suitable for all occasions, these single-serving bottles of wine can add a touch of class and sophistication to your event. Even better, you can give out mini wine bottle wedding favors to your guest while saving a lot more, especially when you buy in bulk.

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