Drink these four super delicious cocktails on New Year’s Day!

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to check out some party ideas before the ball drops. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs in 2020

We cannot rule out the possibility of a Coronavirus outbreak. For now, though, the world is dealing with some horrible problems.  Under the circumstances, hosting a fun party with your beloveds and toasting to their happiness is not a bad idea.

The idea of a wonderful new year full of opportunities and good times is certainly a good one. Don’t you wish to be at home with your dear ones, savoring a bit of bubbly?

Sounds like a great idea. Cocktails on a cheerful evening like New Year’s along with your favorite mini-wine bottle selections is a great way to celebrate the New Year.

1. Pomegranate Margarita.

A Margarita is always refreshing and flavorful. Who can deny that? The ideal way to welcome your tequila lovers is to shake up a traditional margarita with a wintery twist. A splash of maple syrup and juice from pomegranate work wonders in amplifying the flavors of the alcohol mix. Be sure to add silver tequila and triple sec as well.

2. Driven Snow – Not quite

Are you to speed on this cocktail? The snow cream is hard to resist. Believe No matter how you feel about it, you will crave crunchy gingerbread cookies with a glass of driven snow. Wondering if it’s a hard task to make this drink? Not at all! Grab some blackstrap rum, ginger liqueur, and some lime juice and tasty white chocolate liqueur and shake it well. Break up some sweet candy.
Throw in some candy canes. It’s a perfect beverage for a frosty New Year’s Eve. Don’t be surprised if your guests are all ga ga for driven snow.

3. Negroni

Missing out on the old classic cocktails on a New Year’s Eve is sin. Drinks like a glass of Negroni must be dished out when kissing goodbye to a year that’s been an absolute magic carpet. Pairing up red vermouth and gin with a splash of vibrant and red campari is a delicious combination. Don’t skip garnishing the cocktail with fresh orange peels. It packs a punch and amps up the flavors. The classic
Boulevardier is a scrumptious switch too. If Bourbon is more to your liking, don’t shy away from replacing gin with the good-old dark bourbon.

4. Sparking Champagne Punch With Orange and Pear.

Is it even a New Year’s party without a big bowl, chockful of delicious punch? Knocking up the sweet and fruity champagne punch is easier
done than thought. Pop open a chilled bottle of fine sparkling wine and add in orange bitters and pear nectar. Use fresh orange zest for garnish.  You can also try Googling New Year’s Eve punch alcoholic recipes.

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